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Experiencing the weekly message only once is never enough. That’s why we have made many of our weekend messages available on podcast and video so that you will be encouraged, blessed and inspired throughout the week. Podcasts are available on iTunes and through our website. Click on the messages below to watch the video, play the audio podcast directly from the website or download the study notes.

The Wall
Pastor Greg Murray
Pastor Greg Murray shared his message about “The Wall”. Greg dug deep and wanted to spur our listeners on in…
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What Does Genuine Look Like
Pastor Charles Crisapulli
Pastor Charles Crisapulli shared his message about “What does Genuine look like”. Drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 4:1-20 which highlighted…
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Great Relationships
Pastor Cal Revell
Pastor Cal Revell delivered a powerful sermon on ‘Great Relationships’, drawing from Acts 2:42-47 to highlight their enduring significance in…
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Vision Sunday
Pastor Charles Crisapulli
Pastor Charles shared his message “Pursuit” with us on the 4th of February for our Vision Sunday service. Charles explored…
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To listen to even more life changing Messages from UniHill Church, click on the button below and check out any sermon from the last few weeks across all of our services. We hope that they bless you and feel free to share a message with a friend. Enjoy!